LIVETARGET Sunfish 100 Hollow Body 4 inch

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Fresh and brackish water predators are no longer safe with the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body Fish in their waters. Featuring a precise, realistic design with a collapsible body, it perfectly mimics a juvenile sunfish that's been pushed upwards by predators. It has all the properties that make it perfect for heavy cover and big fish: a custom TroKar double hook for more solid hooksets, a 180-degree swing when twitched, and a trail of tantalizing bubbles on a quick retrieve. Available in 10 colors, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body Swimbait is a great "match-the-hatch" swimbait to have in your angling arsenal.


  • The LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body Swimbait mimics a juvenile sunfish for fresh or brackish topwater applications.
  • Ultra-realistic design with a collapsible body and custom 5/0 Trokar double hook for an awesome strike-to-catch ratio.
  • Works well even in thick slop and cover.
  • Perfect 180-degree swing with a steady twitch and trail of bubbles.
  • Available in 10 colors.
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I'm fishing these in shallow waters, thick with all kinds of vegetation like a century-old anti-tank canal or the Dutch polders. These baits swim over and through without a problem. They also cast really well for what they are and yes, you can walk them left-to-right almost staying in place. They tempted a nice pike out of hiding when no other bait would do the trick. Missed that one too because hook-up ratio isn't all hat great when you forget the instructions like me... I'm very tempted to take a couple of pliers to the (sturdy) hooks to increase my chances just a bit but as I said, I could also remember to wait a few moments before striking - we'll see. Anyhow, they're great fun to fish and pretty easy to animate, to the extent that I own two by now.

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