Hayabusa WRM958WT Extra Wide Gap Weighted Hook w/ Screw Lock 3 pack

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  • The Hayabusa WRM958WT Extra Wide Gap Screw Lock Hook is specially designed for swimbaits and plastic worms with a keeper at one end, and Hayabusa's razor sharp point at the other.
  • Several different weight options on this hook to make sure you're at the right depth for your swimbaits.
  • When rigged, the point of the WRM958WT hook opens slightly outside of the worm or swimbait, keeping the business end in striking position.
  • Extra-wide gap to accommodate your thick and bulky baits.

Hayabusa hooks are manufactured in Japan for anglers who have an eye for detail and demand the highest quality. The Hayabusa WRM958WT Extra Wide Gap Screw Lock Hook is a swimbait hook with a screw lock at the front for keeping your BIG swimbaits in striking position without hampering the action.

The WRM958WT is also weighted for when you need a little more casting distance, swimming depth, and using those behemoth-sized swimbaits.

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    Proposition 65
     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Size chart

    It be nice if the size of swimbait and recommended hook would be listed.

    # Part Numbers

    Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
    3/0 - 1/16 ozEC952-3/0-1/16724343902127
    3/0 - 1/8 ozEC952-3/0-1/8724343902134
    4/0 - 1/16 ozEC952-4/0-1/16724343902141
    4/0 - 1/8 ozEC952-4/0-1/8724343902158
    5/0 - 1/16 ozEC952-5/0-1/16724343902165
    5/0 - 1/4 ozEC952-5/0-1/4724343902233
    5/0 - 1/8 ozEC952-5/0-1/8724343902172
    5/0 - 3/16 ozEC952-5/0-3/16724343902226
    6/0 - 1/4 ozEC952-6/0-1/4724343902257
    6/0 - 1/8 ozEC952-6/0-1/8724343902196
    7/0 - 1/16 ozEC952-7/0-1/16724343902202
    7/0 - 1/4 ozEC952-7/0-1/4724343902271
    7/0 - 1/8 ozEC952-7/0-1/8724343902219