Hayabusa Trailer Lock Hook Accessory for Soft Plastic Trailers 4 pack

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Hayabusa hooks are manufactured in Japan for anglers who have an eye for detail and demand the highest quality. The Hayabusa Trailer Lock Hook Accessory is a wire clip that you hook your jig hook through, and then dig into the soft plastic on your bait to keep your bait pinned to the jig instead of sliding off.


  • The Hayabusa Trailer Lock is an excellent solution to keep your plastic worms, frogs, soft jerk baits, craws, etc, up on the top of your jig head.
  • We've all experienced missed hook-ups as a result of your bait sliding down the jig and covering the hook. This is the problem the Trailer Lock solves!
  • Try it on jigs that do not have bait keeper teeth. These are lightweight and do not interfere with your bait's action.
  • This is another great innovation from Hayabusa!
  • The Hayabusa Trailer Locks come in three different sizes, Small, Medium and Large and come 4 to a pack.
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