Crazy Eye Shad 4 inch Soft Paddle Tail Swimbait 10 pack

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The Crazyeye Shad is a versatile swimbait that swims seductively through the water. It comes in 4 great colors that will attract the "big" ones.

  • The Crazyeye Shad swimbait is an awesome little custom-poured swimbait that comes in 4 different colors.
  • This swimbait has a paddle tail that creates an enticing action.
  • Comes pre-loaded with a heavy jig-like head to get down to the lunkers down deep.
  • Heavy duty 4/0 hook that will keep your trophy bass on for the ride.
  • Try this swimbait for big bass, but don't overlook the Crazy Eye Shad when it comes to big guys like your northern pike and muskie.
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