Castaic Rock Hard Swimbait 4 inch Slow Sinking Hard Body Swimbait

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Castaic Rock Hard Series Swimbaits offer original, realistic designs with application versatility in the forethought of their development. Each bait features the patented treble claw hooks and is hydro-dynamically engineered for ultra real-life action. Measures 4 inchs, weighs 5/8 ounce, has a slow sink rate, and is rigeed with 1 treble hook.


  • The Castaic Rock Hard Swimbait is a 4 inch, 5/8 ounce fast sinking hard body swimbait.
  • Great small swimbait.
  • Hydrodynamically engineered for real-life action.
  • Treble claw hook.
  • Available in Blue Shad.
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