Cal Coast Fishing The Donkey Leash Catch Keeper

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  • The Cal Coast Fishing The Donkey Leash is a kayak tournament approved puncture-free fish lanyard.
  • Attaches to the seat rail system of your kayak.
  • Equipped with a locking clip for a fast and easy way to secure fish.
  • Rail seat clip is made of coated stainless steel for maximum durability.
  • Never lose a fish again!

Kayak fishing and kayak fishing tournaments are arguably one of the greatest new trends in sport fishing. They allow anglers on a budget to get out and reach almost every part of their local fishery without having to shell out tons of money on an expensive sport fishing boat and the bank-breaking upkeep they require. Similarly, going out on and launching a kayak is a much simpler endeavor than lugging around a fishing boat and finding a safe place to launch it. Nonetheless, the majority of fishing kayaks have one major downside compared to sport fishing boats: no livewell. That means trophy hunters are SOL when they want some place to safely secure their prize catch to bring back to shore for pictures or weigh-in on a certified scale. Sadly, many a lunker has been lost due to this shortcoming.

Thankfully, the smart folks at Cal Coast Fishing have been wise to this conundrum for some time, that's why they developed The Donkey Leash Catch Keeper. With The Donkey Leash, the water around you becomes your livewell. Simply use the puncture-free clip to attach to the fish's lower lip and then attach the other end to the your kayak seat rail system and BOOM! No more fish lost before the photo! The locking clip provides a fast and easy way to secure fish and can be operated using just two fingers and a tight grip that engages the locking system. Additionally, the rail seat clip is made of coated stainless steel to ensure its durability lasts season after season. It's even kayak tournament approved too! Grab one today and never lose a lunker again!


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