Cal Coast Fishing Bait Sack Black Out Lure Protector

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The Cal Coast Fishing Bait Sack Black Out is an ingenious lure protector designed to not only keep your favorite lures safe and secure, but keep your lure selection secret to the prying eyes of tournament competition by concealing them in a protective layer of thick black plastic. This lure protector is made to be the easiest and most secure way to protect your well-loved baits. Simply pop it open with one hand while you use the other to hand to guide your lure into the Bait Sack and say goodbye to Velcro, tangled lures, hook-ins, or damage to your gear. It also comes with 2 different-sized rod clips so you can use it with both spinning rods and casting rods. Available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large (see table below for dimensions and storage recommendations for each size).


  • The Cal Coast Fishing Bait Sack Black Out offers a fast and easy way of protecting lures while hiding your secret baits.
  • Perfect for all types of lures, from tiny crankbaits to massive swimbaits.
  • 2 different-sized rod clips for spinning rods and casting rods.
  • Can be opened with one hand as you guide larger items with your other hand.
  • Available in Small, Medium, and Large.
Dimensions and Storage Recommendations
Size Length Opening Width Recommended Storage Uses
Small 5 1/4 inches 3 3/4 inches Crankbaits, topwaters, spoons, jerkbaits, and jigs
Medium 7 1/2 inches 4 1/2 inches Small/medium umbrella rigs, large/XD crankbaits, small/medium swimbaits, and large topwaters
Large 9 1/2 inches 5 1/4 inches Large umbrella rigs, 5 - 8 inch swimbaits, XL topwaters, large walking baits, and XL crankbaits
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