Berkley NanoFil Unifilament Line 150 Yards

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  • Berkly NanoFil Unifilament Line is a unique single fiber fishing line that offers the longest casting distance of all Berkley line making it ideal for light tackle fishing.
  • Effortless casting - casts longer with less effort and extreme accuracy.
  • Minimum diameter, optimal strength - made with Dyneema®, the thinnest line by label rating.
  • Zero memory helps prevent and eliminate line tangles.
  • Available in 3 colors and 7 pound test variations ranging from 4 to 17 pounds.

Not a mono, fluoro or braid - Berkly NanoFil Unifilament Line is a unique single fiber fishing line that represent the "The Next Generation in Fishing Line!" As Berkley's longest casting line, spinning reel anglers will experience exceptional casting distance and accuracy allowing them to cover more water and catch more fish. Made with 100% GORE Dyneema®, the World's Strongest Fiber, it has an incredibly high strength/diameter ratio, creating Berkley's thinnest line per pound test. Winner of 4 international awards for fishing tackle innovation and excellence. Available in 3 colors and 7 pound test variations ranging from 4 to 17 pounds.

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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Customer Reviews

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5 star

Great stuff easy to see.

Great, smooth casting line, but does have a flaw.

This is a great line for a lot of applications. I intend on using it for ultralights, especially for whites and trout so I can cast ultralight baits. This is where the line really shines. I'm also thinking drop shot, and perhaps swim baits and other open water baits. The downfall of this line, as others have mentioned, is that it does fray. I don't think its a great line for fishing cover due to this problem. If you do, check the line and retry often. All in all it is a great line, just know its limitations.


I love Berkley Nanofil. One of the best lines to use while jig fishing.

Excellent Casting

My dad gave Nanofil a shot this year and I saw how far it casts. So I went ahead a bought some for my kids (especially my 6 yr old) to get a little more distance on their casting. Can't wait to see it in the spring!

True super line!

This is a true super line, skinny, slick and very strong. It casts a mile and is quiet. One must tie the Nanofil knot or it will slip, and I turn the line around after a season to get two years on it. It’s the best I have used!!

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Clear Mist / 4 poundNF1504-CM028632550656
Clear Mist / 6 poundNF1506-CM028632550663
Clear Mist / 8 poundNF1508-CM028632550670
Clear Mist / 10 poundNF15010-CM028632550687
Clear Mist / 12 poundNF15012-CM028632562710
Clear Mist / 14 poundNF15014-CM028632613122
Clear Mist / 17 poundNF15017-CM028632613139
Hi-Vis Chartreuse / 4 poundNF1504-HV028632613450
Hi-Vis Chartreuse / 6 poundNF1506-HV028632613467
Hi-Vis Chartreuse / 8 poundNF1508-HV028632613474
Hi-Vis Chartreuse / 10 poundNF15010-HV028632613481
Hi-Vis Chartreuse / 12 poundNF15012-HV028632613498
Hi-Vis Chartreuse / 14 poundNF15014-HV028632613504
Hi-Vis Chartreuse / 17 poundNF15017-HV028632613511
Lo-Vis Green / 4 poundNF1504-22028632613214
Lo-Vis Green / 6 poundNF1506-22028632613221
Lo-Vis Green / 8 poundNF1508-22028632613238
Lo-Vis Green / 10 poundNF15010-22028632613245
Lo-Vis Green / 12 poundNF15012-22028632613252
Lo-Vis Green / 14 poundNF15014-22028632613269
Lo-Vis Green / 17 poundNF15017-22028632613276