Our Discount Promise

Some manufacturers require us, in order to sell their brands, to adhere to their Minimum Advertised Price policy (MAP).

We think it is more important to make these brands available to our customers, so these are unfortunately the only exceptions to our 20% off—but nobody else is allowed to discount those brands either. 

We’re happy to offer 20% off to you on the rest of our products. Our Manufacturers’ MAP brands are 6th Sense, 13 Fishing, ANGLR, BUFF, Chasebaits USA, Googan Baits, Jackall, Lew's, Nomad Design, Megabass, P-Line, Power Pro, and Shimano, as well as certain River2Sea, Bass Mafia, LIVETARGET, and Daiwa products. If you have a question about a product's price, or you find one of these products selling for less than us somewhere else, please give us a call and we’ll check it out!