Umbrella Rig Basics

A-Rig, Alabama Rig, Umbrella Rig - no matter what you call 'em, school-of-fish-imitating lure rigs are a great way to slam some big bass that are used to holding deep and feeding on baitball schools of shad, herring, shiner, and other baitfish..

Slam some bigguns' this season with our collection of Umbrella Rig Basics. In addition to the most popular umbrella rigs around, this collection contains everything you need to throw this hyper-effective power fishing rig - from deep spool baitcasters and stout casting rods - to lead head swimbait jigs, sturdy split rings, and the best paddle tail soft plastics from all the top brands, including Berkley, Keitech, River2Sea, Megabass, Z-Man, and more!