Hayabusa Spin Muscle V-Bend Multi-Use Hook

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Hayabusa hooks are manufactured in Japan for anglers who have an eye for detail and demand the highest quality. The Hayabusa Spin Muscle V-Bend Multi-use Hook has a heavier wire and unique bend to accommodate different soft plastic worms and get the needle point in perfect striking position. This hook has a V-Bend on the shank to give your worm or other soft bait a little different action, but put the hook at a devastating angle for increased hookup and landing percentages.


  • The Hayabusa Spin Muscle hooks are a medium gauge hook, but still packs a punch with its sturdy Hayabusa backbone strength.
  • The Spin Muscle hook has a V-Bend on the shank to give a slightly different action, but still maintain the effectiveness of the soft bait.
  • The V-Bend and sharp Hayabusa needle point are positioned to get a great hook-set and improved landing percentage.
  • Hayabusa is known for high quality fishing hooks with needle-like points.
  • There are several different hook sizes available for the Spin Muscle V-Bend multi-use hooks. The #4 comes 10 per pack, the #3 comes 9 per pack, the #2 comes 8 per pack, the #1 comes 7 per pack and the 1/0 has 6 hooks per pack.
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