Hayabusa Power Delta Weighted Swimbait Hook w/ Wire Bait Keeper

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Hayabusa hooks are manufactured in Japan for anglers who have an eye for detail and demand the highest quality. The Hayabusa Power Delta Weighted Swimbait Hook (with wire bait keeper) is a great jig head that is optimized for keeping your Swimbaits swimming and looking natural, and having a deadly sharp Hayabusa point to close the deal when you get bit.


  • The Hayabusa Power Delta hook has a triangular (delta) shaped head, allowing your swimbaits to smoothly and hydrodynamically swim through the water without drag or unnatural bubbles.
  • The Power Delta hook also has a wire bait keeper below the shank of the hook, opposite the eye to hold your swimbait snugly in place.
  • The streamlined shape of the Power Delta's head aligns nicely with the body of your swimbait for a smooth and natural look.
  • The Power Delta is a favorite swimbait hook of many professional and novice anglers, as it is a good jig to get working easily with its natural shape.
  • The Hayabusa Power Delta Weighted Swimbait Jigs come 3 per pack for the 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz sizes. For the 3/4 oz size, it comes 2 per pack. All hook sizes are 4/0.
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