Shimano Bantam MGL A Casting Reel

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  • The Shimano Bantam MGL A Baitcasting Reel is the 2022 version of the famous lightweight aluminum Shimano Bantam baitcasting reel.
  • The Bantam MGL A still has the one-piece Hagane construction with core-solid materials (no welding multiple pieces together) which gives you more torque and power. The aluminum body and components keep weight down.
  • The Bantam MGL A is upgraded to add the Shimano Infinity Drive technology, which features gearing that keeps your reeling smooth and consistent, keeping torque down when under load from a heavy fish.
  • The Bantam MGL A is also equipped with the MGL Spool (Magnum Light), which continues to cut out unnecessary material, streamlining the reel to remove weight but retain strength.
  • The Shimano Bantam MGL A has a tougher cross-carbon drag made with premium materials giving you more drag options and smoother drag performance, keeping you in control.

Bantam was the first lowprofile aluminum baitcasting reels 40 years ago.Reintroduced with the Bantam MGL, with the core-solid, single-piece bodySingle piece, more torque and power, with lots of feelUpgraded but kept Hagane andAdded infinity drive and MGL spool magnum light spool. removing weight but maintaining structural integrity. Light baits are handled better, but also casts bigger baits even better.Infinity drive - decreases torque under load from a big fish, so it keeps the reeling smooth and efficient. infinity braking system

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