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Googan Baits Rattlin' Ned 2 1/2 inch Ned Rig Stickworm 8 pack

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  • The Googan Baits Rattlin' Ned is a 2 1/2 inch soft plastic Ned rig stickworm with an interior rattle chamber.
  • Unique twist to this ultra-effective rig.
  • Slaunch Sauce and textured exterior ribbing.
  • Great for tight-lipped fish in stained water.
  • Available in 14 colors.

The Googan Baits Rattlin' Ned is a 2 1/2 inch soft plastic Ned rig stickworm with an interior rattle chamber. While it seems like almost every bait company is coming out with a Ned worm these days, hardly any seem to be trying to do much beyond put out a cheap imitation of the good 'ol Z-Man Finesse TRD. Well, the Googan boys don't play like that; the Rattlin' Ned is one of the first and only Ned rig stickbaits with a built-in rattle to add a unique twist to this ultra-effective rig.

In particular, the rattle makes them especially effective on tight-lipped fish in stained water. Slaunch Sauce attractant and an outer-ribbing round out this awesome Ned bait.

Available in 14 colors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
James Asp
Great smallmouth bait

Smallmouth love these things. Sometimes it's the only thing they will bite. They do tear easy so you go through them pretty quickly.

First Time Ned Rigging with Stick Bait

I've always been a crank bait and spinner user for catching Bass, and recently started catching Bass for sport. Utilizing the Ned rig has become my choice for catch and release, and I found the Googan Rattling (GRN-PBJ) Stick Baits awesome for its' presentation and catch worthiness. Again, I am new to this as a sport, so finding what works for me has been the googan rattling sticks. I can honestly say that its' worth the investment.

Ed Pellum
googan rattling stick bait

These things flat out catch fish. Work great in heavy cover and open water.the rattle addition is great.Bass hit them and hit them hard.

Big Ram Sam
An amazing Bait, Now with noise added

Ned rigging has been such a great fish catching technique and this bait has been such a great addition to my fishing arsenal, and now made even better with the Googan's addition of a rattle. These baits hold up too very well, And with Vibrant new colors this bait will have a bright future.

Jimmy L
Not a Winter Ned Lure

Although this plastic will work and will catch fish in most conditions, When it comes to winter Ned Rigging, this won't do! This plastic doesn't float, so dead sticking isn't as effective as a floating type.

TIP: whenever your bait is destroyed and you are ready to throw this out, remove the rattles and save them! they can be reused for other plastics or even shoved into hollow bodied frogs for extra noise!

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Black FlashGRN-BLF842424116222
Blue PennyGRN-BLP842424115041
California CrawGRN-CAL842424115034
Canada CrawGRN-CAD842424114990
Chartreuse Pepper w/ Green FleckGRN-CPG842424121691
Dirty RiceGRN-DTR842424114983
Green Pumpkin GobyGRN-GPG842424114976
Moon CakeGRN-MOC842424115058
Morning DawnGRN-MDN842424119025
Mud MinnowGRN-MUM842424114969
New MoneyGRN-NEW842424115010
Peanut Butter & JellyGRN-PBJ842424115003
Sprayed LettuceGRN-SPL842424121561