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Catch Co. Bucca Baby Bull Gill 3 3/4 inch Hard Body Swimbait

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  • The Catch Co. Bucca Baby Bull Gill is a downsized, entry-level version of the high-end Triton Mike Bucca Bull Gill hard body swimbaits.
  • Measures 3 3/4 inches, weighs 3/4 ounce and has a slow-sinking buoyancy - runs to 2 to 5 feet below the surface on a steady retrieve.
  • Durable ABS plastic body with multi-joint construction for natural swimming action.
  • Can be thrown without a dedicated swimbait rod - fishes great on any medium to medium-heavy power rod you would use for crankbaits.
  • Available in 5 panfish colors.

The Catch Co. Bucca Baby Bull Gill is a downsized, entry-level version of the high-end Triton Mike Bucca Bull Gill panfish-profile hard body swimbaits. Measuring 3 3/4 inches and weighing only 3/4 ounce, the Baby Bull Gill brings the legendary action of the original into a smaller package that is both more affordable and easier to effectively fish on non-specialized fishing tackle. In other words, with the Baby Bull Gill you don't need $50+ dollars and a dedicated heavy power swimbait rod to tap into the massive fish-catching potential of one of Mike Bucca's meticulous designs.

Despite its affordable price tag, the Baby Bull Gill is still built to Bucca's rigorous design standards and features a durable ABS plastic body with multi-joint construction so it exhibits its signature swimming action while still being able to hold up to harsh strikes from big bass, pike, and muskie.

Available in 5 panfish colors.

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Baby Bass
Natural Gill
Ruby Gill
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Customer Reviews

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Phil Trejo
Good looking bait

Swims well and is a good looking bait. Spacing of hooks could be better as they do foul hook themselves which kills the the possibility of a catch on that retrieve.

JonPaul Carney
Surprisingly life like

This lure is amazing, it swims just like a roaming baitfish! Durable material and excellent paintjob. I sadly lost mine after a bad knot let go but that is my fault. I'm going to be buying more very soon.


Love this bait. Love the slow fall and the natural look. The pike and smallmouth in my local river always go for it!

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